The grapes we use to make Sapientia are selec- ted from our Nava del Rey vineyards. These vineyards are cultivated using organic farming techniques and they are audited and certified by the Castilla y León Organic Agriculture Council.

The vineyards are planted in the typical terraces in soil containing rounded pebbles (gravelly soil) next to the River Duero. These rounded pebbles facilitate drainage, reducing the likelihood of fungal diseases. The soils are low in organic matter with a clayey limestone horizon in the subsoil. The climate of the area is continental with an Atlantic influence.

The treatments used on the vines are natural in origin. They include solutions made from herbs such as horsetail (Equisetum arvense), chamo- mile (Matricariachamomilla), yarrow (Achileami- llefolium) and valerian (Valeriana officinalis) among others. We also use other products based on plant extracts, buttermilk and other organic products.

Weeds are controlled using tillage techniques, thereby eliminating the need for herbicides.

The vineyard is exhaustively monitored during the growing season, using the minimum treat- ments possible.

This allows us to maintain and increase biodiver- sity in the vineyard and ensures that the grapes express their characteristics in a more genuine way.

The grape harvest in the 2018 took place at the beginnig of September.

A short cold maceration was initially carried out followed by pressing. The fermentation took
place by making use of the natural yeasts on the grape skins. Thanks to the organic techniques used, these are high quality yeasts that express the unique characteristics of the sauvignon blanc grapes.

After fermentation the wine was aged on its fine lees and then clarified with bentonite to stabilise the wine’s proteins.

Bottling took place in January 2019.

In appearance the wine is bright yellow with greenish reflections.

On the nose, it has a high aromatic intensity, predominating notes such us cut grass, citrus and aromatic herbs like mint, coriander and fresh basil.

On the palate, Sapientia Sauvignon Blanc has a great estructure and volume. It is round and equilibrated.

In the retronasal phase the aromas perceived in the nose return and also other ones as the passion fruit.

It is a perfect wine to drink it alone or accompa- nied of fish dishes, seafood, pasta, rices or soups. It is a perfect accompaniment also for sushi.