About us?

El Lagar de Moha is a family winery owned by Ángeles Ortega and Alberto Moro, of the D.O. Rueda (Castilla León – Spain).

We are a family vinculated to winemaking for many generations. This vinculation has generated in us since always, a passion for wine and it has been that same passion that has moved us to develop our own personal and family project.

In the Lagar de Moha we only produce quality and ecological wine. We say that it is of quality, because we sacrifice many ocassions the volume in pursuit of the elaboration of a better wine


Ecological certification seal

And it is organic because we do not use pesticides, insecticides or chemical synthesis manures. On  the opposite side, all the treatments we use are of natural origin and in accordance with the European Organic Agriculture Regulation. That´s why all our wines are certified and have the seal of organic farming.

If you want to know more about us, click on the following video (subtitled in english)

We make such a strong commitment to the ecological processes because we believe that we must keep the biodiversity of the vineyard ecosystem in balance.

Because this way of producing our wines makes it healthier for human consumption by not containing, even at its minimum level, any chemical product.

And last but not least, because we have confirmed that following this way of doing the wine, it expresse´s in a much more genuine way the benefits of the grape and it´s land.

Our vineyards are located in Rueda and Nava del Rey.

Currently we have planted three grape varieties:

Verdejo: is the native variety from DO Rueda. This grape finds in this land the more favorable climatological and orographic conditions for its development. Generating excellent wines in the mouth and aromatically speaking.

Sauvignon Blanc: is a autoctone variety from the Loire region (France). It has adapted perfectly to the weather conditions of the area, adding a floral component with aromas of grapefruit and passion fruit in the wines very interesting when tasting.

Godello: is a spanish variety from Galicia and Bierzo. It gives very aromatic and unctuos wines.

This last variety has been planted with a different trellising system, which is the vertical axis. The objective of this trellising system is double. In one hand is, to protect the brunches from the intense sun and avoid burns.

And in the other hand is to make the most of sunlight by increasing the leaf surface and areate the vegetation avoiding the spread of pests and fungi.

What we are seeking with all of these actions is to diversify the types of white grape varieties, taking the advantage of the fact that Rueda area has very favorable climate conditions for the development of the different types of white grapes, and also to take care of our vineyard in different ways to produce excelent quality wines.